Common myths


The common myth is that Cats groom themselves. The fact is cats lick themselves.  The saliva contains allergens which spread across your house and encourage allergic reactions.  Cats also produce a lot of dander and oils in their coats, naturally, they shed and if they are not bathed regularly that loose hair gets trapped by the oils at the roots which if left can becomes a tangle, tangles then become matts which can be painful and stressful for your cat. Regular bathing will stop this from occurring.  Cats also spread litter, dandruff, and hairballs.

Professional grooming


Professional grooming includes the basics to help maintain a clean and healthy cat including nail trimming, a bath to cleanse & degrease the skin and fur, a blow dry which helps with shedding; coat condition and hairball reduction, brushing/de-shedding, de-matting and a sanitary shave for cleanliness of older and long-haired cats. Add ons such as toe tuft removal, belly shaves, teethbrushing and soft claws nail caps are available as well as Kitten and Senior packages. 

Scheduled maintenance


The National Cat Groomers Institute of America and the Cat Fanciers Association recommend the following grooming schedule for cats:-

Long-haired: every 4-6 weeks 

Medium-haired: every 6-8 weeks 

Short-haired: every 8-12 weeks      

Matted or Pelted Kitty's


Matting is 100% preventable. Professional Grooming based on a maintenance schedule will eliminate this plus shedding, hairballs and other unpleasantries. Repeated matting due to lack of grooming or scheduled maintenance will be subject to extra charges or in extreme cases referral to a Vet***

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